'Anything but homeless', Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
25 april-21 juni 2015

'Paper trails, paper tales', Phytorio, Nicosia, Cyprus

Paper is a simple and basic material which is easily accessible to most of artists. Over the past 2000 years, paper has been used to express our thoughts and ideas through writings and drawings. Even after so many years, paper still seems to attract artists' attention and trigger their creative instincts. The variety of the treatment of paper with complex narratives is the focus of this exhibition which explores the characteristics of paper with new possibilities as material, record keeper and storyteller. The collection of works presents the ideas around form, space and time as well as personal stories.
Participating artists:
Melita Couta (CY), Christa Donner (US), Harris Kafkarides (CY), Chiaki Kamikawa (JP/CY), Irene Karayianopoulou (GR), Delis Papadopoulos (CY), Marina Yerali (CY) and Karin van Dam.
3 - 17 october 2015

Amsterdamse Poort, Bijlmer Arena, Amsterdam
oplevering / delivery 2015

Medisch Spectrum Twente, Enschede
oplevering / delivery 2015

De (ruimtevullende) installaties zijn als fantasiesteden waarin je kunt ronddwalen.
Bij toeval, op ontdekkingstocht, stuit ik op mijn 'bouwmaterialen': buizen en kokers, bouwplastic en rubber, wol en ballonnen. Ze vormen het palet voor tijdelijke installaties die ik realiseer op bijzondere plekken in musea, maar ook op daken van gebouwen of op de hoek van een straat.

The (room-filling) installations are like fantasy cities that you can wander around in.
I happen on my 'buildingmaterials' by chance: tubes and drainage pipes, building plastic and sheets of rubber, wool, and balloons. These found objects then forms the pallette of new temporary installations I construct in unusual spots: in a museum, on the roof of a building or a street corner.

website: flinkevent, gebaseerd op boek / book "Karin van Dam", book design: Sybren Kuyper.

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